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SSL Technology - Data Encryption
In this day and age, it is unthinkable to have a website that is not using Secured Socket Layer technology.

Please be assured that your personal details entered in website are transmitted encrypted through the web. The reason that the Padlock is displayed, or is closed in the Status bar in your browser, is due to the encrypted connection on our web site. The content part, where the Booking Engine is displayed, shows that this section is using the SSL technology throughout the web site as well. In order to see this for yourself, please check the Reservation section on the web site again. Where the booking engine is displayed on screen, click on the right button of the mouse, now click on properties. You will see that the booking engine section confirms that it is in a secured environment. The link will show that it is a "https" hyperlink and not the standard "http", resulting in SSL data encryption. You can find more details of the certificate used to encrypt the data by clicking on the "Certificate" button. Another way to verify that SSL data encryption is being used, is to click on "View" and then "Source Code" in the Menu bar, located at the top of the browser.